• Ossécaille - 23k gold plated
  • Ossécaille - 23k gold plated
  • Ossécaille - 23k gold plated

Ossécaille - 23k gold plated

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A talisman ring inspired by oracle bone script, a divinatory art from ancient China consisting of engraving questions on turtle shells. The shells, subjected to fire, then revealed cracks that only oracles could interpret...
  • Materials from French recycling
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Avoid contact with water as well as hygiene products (soap, hydroalcoholic gel, creams, perfumes, etc.). A more acidic skin pH can also contribute to jewelry damage. It is not recommended to swim, bathe, exercise or sleep with your gold plated jewelry on. As with silver jewelry, store it away from direct light.

Find the perfect size for your ring using the guide available on each ring product page. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact me or order a ring sizer available on the site.

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To maintain the shine of your 23-carat gold-plated jewelry, avoid contact with water, perfume, household products or hydroalcoholic gel.

It is recommended to remove jewelry before showering, exercising or swimming.

Clean your jewelry with a soft, dry cotton cloth before storing it away from light in a dry place.

To maintain the shine of your 925 silver jewelry, wear them as much as possible!

To restore shine to your silver pieces, you can use clay stone or white stone, available in drugstores or household departments.

Gently rub your jewelry before rinsing it with clean water. Dry your jewelry well.

Always store your jewelry away from light in a dry place.

If you have difficulty choosing your size, do not hesitate to consult my guide accessible from the ring product pages.

Still a doubt? You can order a ring sizer .

Recycled silver comes exclusively from an Origine France Garantie certified supplier. This certification ensures that all the silver used in Fontennoy jewelry is not only recycled, but also comes from the French market.

The plating work is entrusted to an expert who ensures that the plating process incorporates up to 70% recycled gold.

I am open to special orders! Do not hesitate to contact me so that we can discuss further details of your project