Originally a PhD student turned artisan, I founded Fontennoy out of a passion for manual work. Inspired by the École de Nancy and the work of René Lalique, I aim to convey the same love for life in the forms and narratives of my creations. Drawing and sculpting pieces rich in meaning, blending jewelry and talismans, shape my daily life.

Fontennoy is inspired by my deep affection for Fontenoy-le-Château, a small village nestled in a wooded region in the East of France. This is where Jean, my grandfather, resides, living in harmony with nature.

Summer and winter alike, he spends most of his time in the forest, accompanied by his faithful dog, Jack. Each of our encounters is an opportunity for me to remember what truly matters: living in harmony with oneself. Fontennoy is a creative space where I feel in tune with myself, much like my grandfather.

  • All of Fontennoy jewelry are handcrafted between my workshop in French Brittany and two small businesses located in France.

    Casting is done in Ardèche. Plating work is entrusted to artisans located in Doubs.

  • Each piece of jewelry is rooted in mindful craftsmanship. All items are meticulously handmade from 23-carat gold-plated brass or recycled silver.

    All jewelry is hallmarked.

  • Recycled silver comes exclusively from an Origine France Garantie certified supplier. This certification ensures that all the silver used in Fontennoy jewelry is not only recycled, but also comes from the French market.

  • The plating work is entrusted to an expert who ensures that the plating process incorporates up to 70% recycled gold. Necklaces and earrings are plated with a layer of 3 microns of 23 carat gold, rings are plated with a thicker layer of 5 microns of 23 carat gold.

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Photo credits :
Anaïs Deschamps & Alicia Pastor

Models & Makeup:
Amber Beaumont @hellsphenomenon