Taking care of your jewelry is essential to maximize their durability.

To maintain the shine of your 925 silver jewelry, wear them as often as possible! To restore the brilliance of your silver pieces, you can use Clay Stone or White Stone, available in drugstores or household aisles. Gently rub your jewelry before rinsing it with clear water. Dry your jewelry thoroughly. Always store your jewelry away from light in a dry place.

Necklaces and earrings are plated with a layer of 3 microns of 23-carat gold, while rings are plated with a thicker layer of 5 microns of 23-carat gold.

To preserve the luster of your 23-carat gold-plated jewelry, avoid any contact with water, perfume, household products, or hand sanitizer. It is recommended to remove your jewelry before showering, exercising, or swimming. Clean your jewelry with a soft, dry cotton cloth before storing them away from light, in a dry place.

I only use genuine pearls for all of Fontennoy's jewelry. Please note that freshwater pearls are fragile and can be damaged by contact with water and hygiene products (soap, perfume, hydroalcoholic gel, creams, etc.).

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